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MWC 2018 Preview: Go Global, Speak Local With Travis Blue

travis-blue-top MWC 2018 Preview: Go Global, Speak Local With Travis BlueTravis Blue From The Creators Of The Travis Translator Helps Young People Connect in 60 Languages, In Real Time

Travis is a global company that’s breaking down language barriers through the use of technology. Their first device, simply called the Travis Translator, is designed to help business travelers and others who travel to foreign countries, communicate better without having to consult a translation dictionary. With the device, you simply select what language you will be speaking and what language you need it to be translated to, and as you finish a sentence it will translate it and speak it in native dialect. This makes it easier to understand both sides of the conversation.

Since CES (just 6 weeks ago by the way), Travis has unveiled a new device designed to help younger people who like to travel and to break down any communication barriers for them at the same time.

The new device, called Travis Blue, is a Bluetooth speaker that speaks 60 languages and allows the user to Go Global and Speak Local. With Travis Blue users can speak their native language and express themselves in ways never possible before.

Travis Blue uses the best 15 translation engines to give the user the highest possible translation quality. It uses AI and translates 60 different languages in any combination creating a natural speaking environment from everyone around.

Using Travis Blue instead of an app or a translation dictionary, allows the user to use facial expressions and communicate in a more natural way.

Travis Blue is a little bigger than the original Travis Translator with louder speakers and a better microphone designed to pick the conversation out of a busy room. That addressed the only issues we had at CES using Travis Translator to speak with a variety of companies from different countries.

Travis Blue makes the translation nearly seamless for those wanting to communicate so user’s don’t need to slow down.  Travis Blue easily crushed it’s Indiegogo campaign, and there’s still a couple of weeks left to order a Travis Blue here.

If you’re headed to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, you’ll find Travis Translator and the new Travis Blue in the Holland Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand 6M8

Check out Travis online here.