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Gear: Royole Shows Off The Future Of Virtual Mobile Theater At MWCA

royole-top Gear: Royole Shows Off The Future Of Virtual Mobile Theater At MWCARoyole Builds Upon It’s First In Space, Virtual Mobile Theater Experience

We first saw Royole’s Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater. The Moon  blends virtual reality with 3D video in a beautifully designed headset and glasses to view your favorite movies.

The award-winning Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater, designed and engineered for movies, gaming, and more, combines two Full-HD 1080p AMOLED displays at over 3000ppi resolution that simulate a giant curved screen with stereoscopic 3D, and hi-fidelity active noise-cancelling headphones. The combination delivers cinematic movie-watching and immersive gaming experiences anywhere the wearer desires. Moon’s patented foldable design (the world’s first in a headset), ultra-soft headphone covers, and a premium breathable eye cover ensure comfort, even after long periods of continuous use.

Moon’s new operating system, Moon OS, utilizes Royole’s patented flexible electronics technologies, allowing full control while eliminating the need for an external controller. Moon is capable of sourcing movies from smartphones, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and PCs, as well as accessing content from nearly any internet-based service, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, YouTube, and more. It also can enhance gaming experiences on popular platforms, including PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, Apple, Google, and others. With 2D/3D format auto-detection, the user experiences content the way it was designed to be enjoyed. Moon was created using the highest quality materials and comes in three stunning colors: black, white, and gold.

At Mobile World Congress America’s Show Stoppers Event Royole showed off the recently announced Royole Lounge app.

Royole Lounge is a completely integrated digital video service, making it easier than ever for fans to experience the premium features of the Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater.  With every new purchase of a Royole Moon, consumers will be offered three SD, HD or 3D movies from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) redeemable through the Royole Lounge app, the built-in dedicated entertainment hub for all Moon owners in North America.

“The addition of the Royole Lounge app and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment content now allows Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater users to select from scores of the best, most popular, compelling film titles,” stated Dr. Bill Liu, Royole founder and CEO. “Moon users can now enjoy select HD and 3D movies, straight out of the box, with the highest quality mobile cinematic experience available.”

“We are constantly looking to drive innovation and engagement around our extensive catalog of feature films, and the Royole Lounge allows us to do just that while creating a next-generation entertainment experience for the end consumer,” said Pete Wood, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Distribution.