Burnout Game Ventures OneSpark 2015 Orlando

Burnout Game Ventures: A New Take On the Gaming Accelerator

There were a lot of different things that we were excited about seeing at One Spark. Burnout Game Ventures was near the top of that list. Burnout Game Ventures combines elements from both the accelerator model and the incubator model into what they have dubbed the “venturator.” As such, it is neither accelerator or incubator, but something else altogether.

Burnout Game Ventures is more than an incubator. We invest in game/tech ideas by providing all the talent, resources, motivation and proprietary processes needed to create and release quality games that sell as soon as possible (the goal is six months!).1

The venturator is a completely novel approach to both the accelerator/incubator model, as well as the gaming industry. A lot of this approach has to do with the dynamics of the gaming industry itself. The best game developers are usually just that, developers. These developers, gifted as they may be, often have a hard time building a business around their games. That is precisely the problem that Burnout Game Ventures aims to address.

Burnout Game Ventures provides the companies in their venturator a wealth of resources: they boast more than 1500 people in their talent pool, with more than 130 game developers; the founder of Burnout Game Ventures, Rupert Meghnot, has 12 years of experience in simulation/VR and 6+ years of experience in the gaming industry, and taught a masters level game development program.

Burnout Game Ventures, as Meghnot told us in the video below, also employs a unique approach to their term sheets. Rather than taking the standard 6-15% normal in the accelerator/incubator model, Burnout Game Ventures takes a percentage of a games profits for 3 years, and takes an equity stake in each company that forms as a result of the venturator. While this may sound imposing, this is a much better deal than any indie developer could ever imagine getting from any of the big publishers or distributors. What’s more, these terms create a vested interest for Burnout Game Ventures for the life of your project.
We had a chance to speak with Rupert Meghnot, Burnout Game Ventures founder, during One Spark. Meghnot was kind enough to share some more information about the venturator and their approach: