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Burnout Game Ventures: The Gaming Venturator

One Spark is one of our favorite events every year. There are a lot of different reasons why. For me personally, I really enjoy the huge diversity of projects. You can find everything from discovery apps, philanthropic ventures, electricity generating vehicles, to electric skateboards, to funky wooden bicycles. Well, this year you can add a startup accelerator to the list.

Burnout-Game-Ventures-One-Spark Burnout Game Ventures: The Gaming Venturator

Burnout Game Ventures, as you can infer from the name, is an Orlando, FL based incubator/accelerator that is focused on helping indie game developers get their game to market. The game industry, according to the company, is incredibly complex, and developers have a hard time making business decisions. More often than not, developers are focused on building a game that they want to play, rather than building a game that will be profitable:

The PROBLEM with most game devs is that they don’t know how to make a business out of their game idea. They focus on making games they want to sell, rather than games that people want to buy. They also don’t PLAN – so their scope, schedule & marketing suffer. 90% don’t break even.

We SOLVE that problem because we’re MORE than an incubator/accelerator. We provide all the people, resources, motivation and (proprietary) processes they need to create quality games ASAP (the goal is six months).1

In one year of operations, Burnout Game Ventures has, “had 103 game devs, working in six game start-ups…on six projects – one of which was released on Steam…and another is the ONLY game/studio inducted into the Clinton Global Initiative.”2 That’s quite a track record for one year.

Burnout Game Ventures is helmed by Rupert Meghnot (MBA). Meghnot is a 35+ year veteran in the entrepreneurial space with 12 years experience in simulation/VR and 6+ years of experience in the gaming industry. What’s more, Meghnot formerly taught in a Master’s level game-development program. Alumni of his game-development classes now manage around $1.5 billion in game intellectual property.

Gaming Burnout Game Ventures: The Gaming Venturator

We are definietly looking froward to checking out Burnout Game Ventures, and speaking with the team. To find out more, head to their website, or their One Spark Creator Profile.

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