Gaming Green Cove Springs OneSpark 2015

Eye Create Worlds VR Demo at One Spark

One of the things that we were most looking forward to seeing at One Spark was all of the different virtual reality creators. We were not disappointing. Being in the tech media industry, we/I have had the opportunity to demo a whole bunch of different VR programs. The great majority of these programs, however, are quite far away from being viable. Really, for a number of reasons, but most notably, they all make you feel sick after using them for some time. That said, we demoed what is, in my opinion, the cleanest virtual reality program to-date.

Virtual-Command-Presence Eye Create Worlds VR Demo at One Spark

Virtual Command Presence (VCP) is a VR application from Eye Create Worlds. VCP provides users an incredibly clean experience. During One Spark, Eye Create Worlds was showing off its simple, yet elegant VCP application. Though the VCP application was just a desk simulation, it was incredibly immersive. Here is a screenshot of the application:

VCP Eye Create Worlds VR Demo at One Spark

Again, Eye Create Worlds’ VCP was the cleanest VR experience I have ever had. While we weren’t able to record any of the VR, we were able to record someone interacting with the virtual environment. The man’s reaction speaks volumes to how far VR has come. Check out the video below and head over to for more info.