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FindMeCabbie: Giving Cab Companies The User Experience of Uber

As the Uber’s, Lyft’s, and other ride sharing/on-demand transportation services of the world have exploded in popularity, the traditional taxis have been left in the dust. There are a lot of different reasons for this shift, but it boils down to the mobility and speed of the ride sharing platforms. Taxis are great in big cites that have thousands of them driving around at all hours. However, when you get anywhere outside these larger city centers, getting a taxi can be a real pain. Why would someone call a taxi company, explain to them their exact location, and then wait on the cab, when they can just open an app and hit one button?

At the same time, as has been seen in recent news, you never really know what you are getting with the on-demand services. This is not to say that these services are any less safe than taxis. Rather, this highlights the main problem that regulatory bodies have with these services: there is a real lack of vetting and regulation concerning the drivers, at least relative to cab companies. What’s more, the on-demand services employ dynamic pricing, charging more for a ride during peak hours. Whereas the cab companies have the same rate at any time of the day. Thus, both cab companies and on-demand services have their benefits and faults.

Well, we had a chance to speak with a One Spark Creator that wants to provide cab companies with the same sort of mobility and speed that the on-demand services provide: FindMeCabbie.

Cabbie-1024x364 FindMeCabbie: Giving Cab Companies The User Experience of Uber

FindMeCabbie is a platform for both cab companies and ride seekers. Essentially, FindMeCabbie provides the cab companies with a software platform that makes the ride booking process as quick and easy as those offered by Uber and Lyft.

FindMeCabbie is an automated location based smartphone booking and dispatch platform for the taxi industry in the United States. FindMeCabbie aims to revamp the local taxi markets by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both Taxi companies and passengers. With this technology, FindMeCabbie hopes to optimize the matching process between taxi fleets and passengers. Our vision is to make traditional taxi services safer and more efficient means of transport.1

This is a win-win for consumers. Using FindMeCabbie, ride seekers will be able to quickly book their ride, wherever they are, from a highly regulated cab company, without any hidden fees or surge pricing. We had a chance to speak with Michael McDaniel, FindMeCabbies CEO, during One Spark. Michael told us a bit more about the service, and how it works: