Jacksonville OneSpark 2015

HeroMe: Customizable Action Figures

Although perhaps a bit outside of our normal coverage, we had a chance to see a pretty cool toy manufacturer at One Spark. Jacksonville’s very own HeroMe is on of the most unique toy companies that we have ever seen. In a nutshell, HeroMe allows children to create and customize their very own action figures. Kids can customize the head, the right arm, and left leg of their action figures. The arm and leg customization determine the hero’s abilities and special powers.


HeroMe HeroMe: Customizable Action Figures

The customization extends beyond the actual design of the action figures. Once you have designed and received the HeroMe figure, kids are prompted to create a unique back-story for each hero:

The creativity does not stop with the hero creation process. Once the 12 inch tall action figure is named, purchased, and lands on your doorstep, the child is given the chance to develop the hero’s personality and create the background information that makes the hero unique. In addition to choosing the perfect name, hobbies, and favorite food for the hero, children can use their hero’s special powers to save the day in daring adventures. Like each hero, each adventure is different, and the only requirement is to follow Dr. Soc’s instruction to “Do Good.”1

HeroMe-Figures HeroMe: Customizable Action Figures

We had a chance to speak with the HeroMe team during One Spark. They told us a bit more about the products and the customization process:

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    Thanks for the great write up and video, Nibletz! We loved meeting you guys at One Spark!