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Homeport Advantage: Micro-jobs for Military Spouses and Veterans

There are a whole host of different niche job boards out there. Most of these niche boards are focused on one industry/trade or one segment of jobs. Essentially, the niche often shows up on the job-poster side. That is to say that the hiring company is looking for workers with a specific skill or skill set and experience within a specific industry. However, at One Spark, we came across a new sort of niche job board: Homeport Advantage Job Exchange.

Homeport-Advantage-site Homeport Advantage: Micro-jobs for Military Spouses and Veterans

Homeport Advantage, though indeed a niche job board, is much different. Homeport Advantage is aimed specifically at military spouses and veterans. Also, the board offers much more than just your general job listings. Homeport Advantage includes, in addition to the more traditional listings, a large number of micro-jobs:

The Homeport Advantage Job Exchange…launched in October of 2014 to provide online access to micro-job postings for job-seeking military spouses, transitioning veterans, and military dependents who are 18 years or older currently in college full time. The Homeport Advantage Job Exchange, provides an online marketplace of micro-job opportunities which are generated from within the community and made available online.1

Perhaps the best description of micro-jobs comes from Sharlay Smith, the founder and CEO of Homeport Advantage. “If you ever worked on a project, a task or ran an errand and said I would pay someone to do this for me, that is a micro-job.”2

What really sets Homeport Advantage apart from the other niche job boards is its lack of fees or commissions from the job-seekers:

Homeport Advantage Job Exchange is an online posting site that cuts out the middle man, and charges no surcharge or service fee on the money that is earned from a completed task/job by the jobseeker. A jobseeker is an independent contactor, if an employer (individual or business) wants to hire a jobseeker permanently they will not have to pay a job placement or agency free.3

During One Spark, we had a chance to speak with the team and learn a bit more about Homeport Advantage:

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