Jacksonville OneSpark 2015

There’s A Nurse In your Pocket With My Nurse Triage

One of the most interesting creator projects that we saw at One Spark was My Nurse Triage. Every once in awhile, a huge problem is solved with an incredibly simple solution. This is one of those times.

People have medical symptoms and questions 24 hours a day. What are their options? They could surf the internet and have to make decisions on their own, or they could go to an emergency medical center, which is time consuming and expensive.1

Even with insurance, a trip to the emergency room can be quite costly. The cost seems to be magnified when the trip turns out to be unnecessary. That is where My Nurse Triage is stepping in. In a nutshell, the company gives people 24hr telephone access to trained triage nurses who follow guided protocols to evaluate symptoms and determine appropriate levels of medical care.

The app itself is quite simple to use. To use the service, all you need to do is enter your symptoms. The a registered nurse will call you within 30 minutes. The nurse will evaluate your symptoms, and will provide you with recommendations and possible treatments.

Triage-app There's A Nurse In your Pocket With My Nurse Triage

There are a ton of potential users for such a product. In particular, college students, the elderly, and the uninsured are great candidates for the service. At $4 a month, it is incredibly affordable. We had a chance to speak with Dr. Ravi Raheja, one of the Co Founders of My Nurse Triage during One Spark:

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