OneSpark 2015 Tampa

Trunica: A Unique New Take On the Chat Room

Throughout our time at One Spark, we saw a bunch of different technology projects. These projects were all across the board, in terms of focus. However, one project, Trunica, stood out as being incredibly unique. At its heart, Trunica is a communications platform:

Trunica is a company dedicated to helping people communicate better across the world. Our new platform provides the capability for people and businesses to interact using audio as the primary messaging medium.1

From this broad level – communications – Trunica departs from the norm. It acts as a chat room of sorts. Users can create or join channels, that are based around topics, and listen to and leave messages. Notice I said listen to. Trunica is an audio based platform. So, in a nutshell, the app acts as a topical chat room, but uses audio in the place of text messages.

Trunica-App Trunica: A Unique New Take On the Chat Room

Trunica Inc. has created a new social media platform that focuses on using audio for the messaging medium. The platform is both a temporary and permanent messaging service that allows people and businesses to create audio snippets and share them via named channels. Channels can have options such as password restrictions and geo locations to target certain audiences. This allows a message to be very private or global in reach.2

We had a chance to speak with the Trunica Team during One Spark, check it out:

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