Jacksonville OneSpark OneSpark 2015

Need It Delivered, GoKartShopping Has You Covered [OneSpark 2015]

If you need something delivered in the Jacksonville area, Savita Jones and her company GoKartShopping has you covered. Now make no mistake about it, Jones is a sharp entrepreneur and knows that there are other companies offering delivery services in cities everywhere, but her personality, knack for detail and even party planning offer a different kind of value proposition.

Sure GoKartShopping will help shop for you by picking up your groceries, things you need at Home Depot or even a pair of shoes, but what about when you run out of beer at a tailgate party. No worries Jones has you covered. If you need something now or later in the day, or even a regular weekly order of groceries GoKartShopping can do it for you and they make it simple.

Jones and her team have even found some niches that other companies in this space haven’t quite mastered. It’s putting an entire company behind the Task Rabbit concept and then some.

Jones is hoping to raise $200,000 so that she can expand her fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Check out their video interview here:


Grocery shopping is the backbone to GoKartShopping so in phase II of GoKartShopping her plan is to create a grocery store that serves as the hub of the entire business. They will offer a complete grocery store in the front of the building and then a distribution warehouse and fulfillment center in the back.

You can find GoKartShopping in the food court at the Jacksonville Landing during OneSpark or here at OneSpark.com