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OneSpark Success: HiFi Goes From Creator To Sponsor

One of the biggest success stories from OneSpark 2014 was actually a startup called HiFi. They weren’t one of the top finishers in the 2014 crowdfunding festival, but their success is in what’s happened from last year to this year.

After working on their initial product, they finally opened up a public beta over the summer that was met with great reception. The simple idea to follow a social network based on hash tags made a lot of sense and is resonating with users once they acquire them.

The app is a fluid way of keeping up with events, and people via hashtags which are widely used today.

After initially coming into the market HiFi came back this year to OneSpark 2015 as the presenting sponsor for the kick off party. The huge, well attended event was great for building more userbase around the hashtag #OneSpark.

The app allows you to post text, video, and photos to it with a hashtag which makes it easier to find, especially considering that everybody uses hashtags these days.

HiFi The mobile lifestyle network sorts everything via channels, like friends and family, or occasions and then you can drill down by hashtag.

When OneSpark co-founder and CEO Elton Rivas took the stage at the kickoff ceremony he highlighted HiFi and it’s success, saying that a creator going from creator to sponsor is a true testament to the power of OneSpark.

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