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Silicon Valley Startup Founder Brings Ivy App Home To Jax For OneSpark

It’s always nice to move away from your hometown, graduate from college and then do something awesome. That’s the case for Will Reed who after picking up a pair of degrees from the University of North Florida and the University of St. Andrews, respectively, headed west to work for a number of well known startups and technology companies. Those companies include: CBS Interactive,, and Clicker Media where Reed was one of the first employees hired by the company that eventually exited for over $100 million.

Reed has managed to surround himself with innovators and technology leaders who seem to always be at the cutting edge of the next big thing.

That’s what he’s hoping for with their latest startup Ivy. Ivy is a Silicon Valley based funded startup that Reed will pitch at OneSpark in hopes that it becomes the app to take off at “The World’s Crowdfunding Festival”.

Now anyone who’s been around the startup block for more than say, 18 months, is going to say they’ve heard this idea before. Ivy wants to connect you to what’s happening around you.

But make no mistake this is not the latest spin on local, mobile, social discovery. It’s not even the next Banjo, Highlight or Sonar. Ivy “is the best way to share stuff that matters with your friends and the people around you. Discover what’s going on where you are right now.” according to their website. 

So let me help you picture the idea.

You’re at a music festival and you glance over and notice a really cool looking chick (or dude if it’s appropriate) and you think they may be thinking the same thing about the douchebags jumping around like idiots in the front.

Using Ivy, because it’s proximity and event based, would mean you could message that girl (or guy) and say “yeah those guys look like morons” and voila, the ice is broken and perhaps you’ve made a new friend.

“Ivy is an app that let’s you communicate with the people around you. Facebook connects you to your friends and Twitter let’s you talk to the world, but there really is no good way to find out what people around you think or let them know what you are up to. With Ivy, you post something and anyone around you can see it. You can also browse other places and see what people there are talking about.” they said on their OneSpark page.

So Ivy’s got two main uses . First it’s an ice breaker app as described in the example above. But it’s also a great way to find your people at your events.

So now that OneSpark is in it’s third year I’ve personally got some friends that I see every year at OneSpark and no other time. So now we can easily track down each other, see what’s going on and make new friends.

The best part is they’ve completely taken all the bullshit out of the equation. They aren’t going to link to one hundred API’s in hopes that you may discover the next amazing autoharp player’s concert, no they’re going to let you connect to other people around you, seamlessly and easily via the app.


You can download it for iOS here.

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