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One Spark Is Back April 6-7 Creators and Startups Can Apply Now

onespark-2018-top One Spark Is Back April 6-7 Creators and Startups Can Apply NowOne Spark, The World’s Largest Idea Fest” Is Back April 6-7 in Jacksonville Florida, Creators Apply Now.

Nibletz and our associated brands; Techfaster and Serious Startups, have been covering One Spark in Jacksonville since the beginning. Back in 2012 Elton Rivas went on a nationwide tour getting people amped up for the World’s Crowdfunding Festival. The idea behind One Spark in the beginning was to bring crowdfunding to the real world, essentially turning downtown Jacksonville into an offline version of Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The subsequent festivals were huge. The entire downtown area of Jacksonville came alive with startups, entrepreneurs, scientists, fashion designers, artists, musicians, dance troops, and more. It was a mini south by southwest of sorts.

As the years went on, One Spark, a startup in it’s own right, evolved as all startups do. They figured out what worked and what didn’t worked and have honed in to create an amazing national event that will again take place in the spring in beautiful Jacksonville Florida.

One Spark 2018 will take place at Daily’s Place amphitheater at the EverBank Field complex in downtown Jacksonville. The two day event is “The World’s Largest Idea Fest” designed to put creators, startups and innovators side by side to celebrate creation and innovation.

One Spark will showcase creators, innovators and startups from across the country during the two day event. One Spark will also feature two different competitions for creators. The first, a Shark Tank style pitch competition called Spark Tank will pit some of the best startup applicants against one another in a pitch competition with a $25,000 non-equity cash prize.

“Community is still at the root of One Spark” One Spark Ventures President Chris Carter told in an interview. That’s why they are bringing¬† back community voting, a staple in previous One Spark festivals. At One Spark 2018 they’ve created an app and platform that is geo-fenced to the Daily’s amphitheater where actual attendees will be able to vote for their favorite creators in healthcare, education, technology, social good and consumer innovations. Those categories effectively called: HealthSpark, MindSpark, TechSpark, WorldSpark and LifeSpark respectively.

After category winners are identified One Spark will again go back to the community of attendees and vote for “Creator of the Year”. Winners will receive cash prizes along with service prizes to help get their startups, ideas and creations to the next level.

In our in-depth conversation with Carter he revealed that after reading through hundreds of creator feedbacks from over the years and talking with creators by phone and email, that feedback was one of the most important parts of previous One Spark events. That feedback led to pivots from companies like PartPic which debuted at One Spark 2015 and went on to raise $1.5 million dollars in venture funding before being acquired in 2016.

One Spark is a great place for new startups to ignite their spark. You can apply to One Spark here.

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