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Eat Drink & Save With SnapDecision [OneSpark Preview]u

Several apps have attempted to become the goto place for deals in the food, restaurant and late night space. The biggest of them all was of course Groupon.  But after the rise and fall of Groupon and LivingSocial there was a wide open space for a new string of entrepreneurs and creators to find the easiest to use app for deals happening right now for lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night.

That’s where the team behind SnapDecision comes in.

The Jacksonville based team of Jordan Patrick and Joshua Estes are trying to create the goto app for patrons to find deals locally that they can use right now.

Say it’s 11:45 and in 15 minutes it’s going to be lunch time, using SnapDecision a user can see what deals are going on in real time and nearby

With SnapDecision there’s no buy in needed, no scale to tip, no carrot to find at the end of the rabbit hole, it’s just simply the deals around the user and then the user commits to redeeming. It’s that easy.

The real time nature of the SnapDecision platform makes it easy for restaurants, eateries and bars to quickly get rid of unused inventory or post a deal or special in real time if it looks like it’ going to be a bad day or perhaps there’s a real life or real time tie-in that the bar/restaurant could use.

SnapDecision is looking to raise $45,000 to enhance and add app features, marketing and adding additional work force. You can check SnapDecision out at OneSpark the World’s Crowdfunding Festival at Visit Jacksonville 208 North Laur Street. They’re creator #21764 and can be found here at OneSpark.com