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NPC 17: The Internet of Things Has Come To Chaperoning

genius-plaza-banner-720 NPC 17: The Internet of Things Has Come To ChaperoningNational Principal’s Conference: 40MEE Creates Chaperoning For The 21st Century

When I was in elementary school we wore little yellow fish with our names on them, around our necks, every time we went on a field trip. In the utter chaos that is 120 8 year old boys and girls, teachers, and chaperones would yell out names, we would yell “here” and that was the field trip head count. On more than one occasion, a kid, or two was left either at the zoo or a museum, probably moseying around a fountain or playing with the monkeys. Times were different then. A teacher would run back to the field trip site and all would be well.

If that were to happen in 2017 there would be cell phone video, snaps, tweets, and within an hours time CNN would be on the scene and a teacher would undoubtedly be fired.

40mee-top NPC 17: The Internet of Things Has Come To ChaperoningThankfully, a company called 40MEE has brought the chaperone into the 21st century with a new Bluetooth device that allows teachers to account for up to 40 students from just one connected device.

With 40MEE everyone in the group gets a Bluetooth wristband. The teacher or chaperone downloads the 40MEE app and in one tap they can get a complete roll call as to who is present and who is not. If a student is missing they will know right away. What’s even better is that if a student is getting close to leaving the Bluetooth force field, the chaperone/teacher is alerted immediately, before they go missing.

In most cases a child goes missing at a field trip because they get distracted. If that happens with 40MEE they are instantly reigned back in and the fun and excitement of the field trip can continue, worry free.  Back at the school or the home office, an administrator can track the entire group using Google Maps.

The amount of headaches prevented with 40MEE is countless. You can check it out for yourself at