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NPC 17: EdConnective Is Helping Create Better Teachers

National Principal’s Conference 2017: we Talk With Will Morris Founder of EdConnective About Creating Better Teachers

At the National Principal’s Conference this year, “Lead Learner” was a big theme. The principal is the lead learner and the lead teacher. Teachers are by trait, lifetime learners, but in this day and age they find themselves doing far more teaching than learning.

While you may think having the principal or the assistant principal sitting in the back of the classroom, watching the teacher teach is nerve racking or that the teacher is in trouble, it’s quite the opposite. Most teachers welcome, and would love to have more observation and more feedback from the school’s administration. While it may sound like a nice scenario, teachers can only learn so much from 24 eight year old boys and girls.

Enter Will Morris (no relation to the famous agency but if they ask, they’re cousins).

Morris got exposed to social entrepreneurship in college and was enamored with the thought that he too could make a difference and while still rather young, he could make it a lifelong mission. Through various experiences, including incubation via Wharton and exposure to top entrepreneurs like the founders of Goldie Blox and Warby Parker, Morris knew he was onto something. During his Masters studies he knew it was education.

He explained to us that he really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and by making a difference in educators lives he would also be effecting change in the lives of kids, students.  But he also explained that he wanted to create something that really filled a need. That’s when EdConnective was born.

edconnective-interview-ss NPC 17: EdConnective Is Helping Create Better TeachersEdConnective is an online, video based, observation, feedback and coaching platform for teachers. Once a school signs up for EdConnective their teachers record themselves teaching in class. They than take that “game tape” and upload it to EdConnective where a vetted, master educator coach will be selected to work with that teacher through their entire EdConnective experience.

There’s no cookie cutter webinars or video series, each “coach” reviews the game tape, makes feedback and then hones in on the problem areas that they see and that the teacher may have previously identified. They do this through 7 video recorded sessions (game tapes) and 8 feedback sessions. “Teachers can get up to two years worth of feedback and coaching in one semester” Morris told us.

EdConnective is already making a difference. The best part is the difference isn’t just coming in the form of improved standardized test scores. While scores are improving and districts love that, Morris has seen teachers back up off the ledge after going through the EdConnective coaching process. He explained that teachers that are sometimes highly considering a career change, have gone through the process, found ways to improve, better communicate with students and bring back the thrill in teaching. To us, and to EdConnective, testimonials like that would outweigh a class getting 100% on standardized testing.

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