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NPC 17: Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Equals Dollar Dollars For Schools

banner-720x90 NPC 17: Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Equals Dollar Dollars For SchoolsNational Principal’s Conference: Little Caesars Pizza Was At NPC 17 And This Is Why

As we were visiting with some great education companies at the National Principal’s Conference our 9 year old edtech reporter smelled pizza, Little Caesars pizza she said, just by the scent. So we tracked it down. Apparently, Little Caesars was at the conference as an exhibitor. We had to find out why.

Little Caesars has been helping schools raise money for over twenty years. They do this through a fundraising program that has students selling “pizza kits” to friends and family. Each pizza kit comes with enough ingredients to make three large Little Caesars pizzas.

pizzakit-top NPC 17: Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Equals Dollar Dollars For SchoolsEach kit costs $20 with $5 for every kit sold going right to the school. Now you may be thinking , but Little Caesar’s Hot N Ready is just $5.00 for cheese and $6 for pepperoni. So we asked. Here are some great reasons to buy a Little Caesars Pizza Kit over Hot N Ready:

  • You’re helping your favorite kid and their local school
  • You can manipulate the secret recipe whatever way you want. Hot N Ready comes in two varieties, Cheese and Pepperoni but get creative with your pizza kit add mushrooms, sausage, peppers, even pineapple (if you dare), it’s your pizza to cook in the oven
  • When you’re craving Pizza Pizza at 2:00 am and your local Little Caesars is Closed
  • Perhaps you’re old enough to cook pizza in the oven and not old enough to drive a car
  • Did we mention you’re helping your favorite kid and their local school?

The pizza kit program is one that hits at the core of the business that Michael Ilitch and his wife Marian built Little Caesars on, community and philanthropy. Folklore suggests that if he had it his way, Little Caesars would have gone bankrupt years ago and Michael would have given all the pizza away. When his wife MADE him actually start a business, as soon as the couple were on steady ground he started giving back to the community in every way he possibly could. Ilitch passed away earlier this year. After which many American’s found out that he had been paying Rosa Parks rent for decades.

In all seriousness though, pizza kits from Little Caesars are a great way to make money for your school. Find out more at