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NPC 17: If It’s Math, It’s Matific

banner-720x90 NPC 17: If It's Math, It's MatificNational Principal’s Conference 2017: Matific Creates Fun and Exciting Games For K-6 Students, Wrapped Around Math Standards

Matific-top NPC 17: If It's Math, It's Matific

If it’s math it’s Matific. The company has created hundreds of interactive mini-games that they call “episodes”.  Each episode is fun and engaging and targeted at kids in grades K-6. The “bite sized” apps are for tablets and personal computers and based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system. This means, that while students are having fun playing games, the content is standards aligned and can easily be tied into textbook instruction and standard math curricula.

Like other companies in the gamified learning space, Matific knows that the days of number cloud games are long gone. Kindergarten games start with simple counting up to ten but what students and their parents will find is top studio quality graphics and a familiar fun experience. Teachers will find that the principles of each lesson are as good, if not better, than common worksheets used just a few years ago.

As the grade levels go higher the games get progressively harder. At the sixth grade level students are playing games like “The Missing Vertex” which has students plotting quadrilaterals on a grid.

Matific is one of the best platforms out there for teaching kids important math foundational skills through gamification. But don’t take our word for it. Matific has won awards from EdTech Digest, the BETT conference in Europe, Codie and more. A recent study shows Matific helped improve math test results by 34% at one of their schools.

Matific-ss NPC 17: If It's Math, It's Matific“Matific looks at math in a different way. While playing, students take control of their learning process.” Larisa L Davydova, a primary school teacher says on the company’s website.

All of the Matific activities progress from basic fundamental math objectives to increasingly challenging activities.

“the Matific learning system encourages children to internalize mathematical insights and rules. A process of guided self discovery deepens student cognitive understanding, as well as a sense of personal achievement.” the company says.

For teachers, the Matific system features a monitoring and reporting system that can provide teachers with real time status reports on the entire class and individual students making it easy to provide quick feedback and set up interventions.

Even with all the teacher features, when students go to the Matific episodes page they’ll find a familiar looking library of episodes that feels like an app store, because it is. They’ll be able to pick the activities that the teacher has chosen or activities they want to explore on their own at their grade level. This makes Matific a system that teachers, administrators and students can all get behind.

You can check out Matific for yourself at the National Principal’s Conference in Philadelphia, July 9th through 11th, booth #724 and online at