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NPC 17: It’s Fun To Stay Up Late With Bedtime Math

alive-studios-banner-npc NPC 17: It's Fun To Stay Up Late With Bedtime MathNational Principal’s Conference: BedTime Math Makes It Fun To Stay Up Late Doing Math

Most kids are accustomed to going to bed with bedtime stories but what if Bedtime Math was a thing. Well it is.

BedTime Math offers crazy, zany fun math problems that parents and adults can do with their children before bed. They make it just as fun to talk about math, learn about math and then work out a math problem as it is to read the latest Dr. Seuss book. The folks at BedTime Math offer a variety of platforms to make numbers and math more fun and easy to understand for students. They offer three program groupings; Pre K, K-2 and Grade 2 and up.

The company wants to make math a regular occurrence for kids and their families. Each math problem is designed for the parent and the student to work on it together and the answers are included in case mom or dad is a little rusty.

In addition to a nightly math problem Bedtime Math has created activity clubs that explore different concepts in math with hands on projects. They also offer an app in the Google Play store and iTunes app store.

What’s even better is that BedTime Math had been proven to work by a team of researchers at the University of Chicago. NPR reporter that students that used the iPad App with their parents did better in math, then those who had a similar story based app with no math involved.

“We compared kids who used the Bedtime Math app that involved reading stories and doing math problems with their parents to kids who did a very similar app that didn’t have the math content. We showed that when kids frequently used the app with their parents, those who used the math app were three months ahead in terms of math achievement relative to kids who just did the reading app.” NPR reported.

Our 9 year old edtech reporter first met the BedTime Math team in 2014 when she was six. She interviewed them again this time around and she even used BedTime Math in between. Check out this year’s interview at the top of the page.

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