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NPC 17: ChatterHigh Is Gamifying The College Matching Process

National Principal’s Conference 2017: ChatterHigh Helps High School Students Find The Perfect School

chatterhigh-top NPC 17: ChatterHigh Is Gamifying The College Matching Process

For high school students, the process of finding the perfect college can be overwhelming, painstaking at best. Many students grow up thinking they want to go to a particular school. Maybe it’s the school with their favorite college football or basketball team. Maybe it’s the school that all the tech company founders are graduating from? Whatever the reason, those same students often find that school may not be the perfect match. ChatterHigh is hoping that discovery will come before it’s too late.

ChatterHigh is a platform that has gamified the college matching process. It’s a college exploration tool that helps educate students on possible college choices. While high school students are learning about prospective colleges, ChatterHigh is matching those same students with college choices that they may be better aligned with.

High school students participating in the ChatterHigh program receive a mobile, daily, 10 minute 10 question, quiz. Through the gamified quiz, ChatterHigh is helping the students build an interest profile that should ultimately lead them to the perfect school.

They then take the gamification to the next level by allowing schools to challenge one another to see who has the most informed class. Students in each class can earn points for prizes as they learn about colleges. These points can be found on a leaderboard that would let each school know who has the most informed class. This makes choosing the perfect college both fun and competitive.

The ChatterHigh website also has an interactive engagement map so you can look right on their web page and see how many people are learning about colleges at the same time you are.

The idea about when Lee Taal, ChatterHigh’s founder, realizes that good ole cafeteria or gymnasium college fair hadn’t changed much since it was introduced in the 1950s. Taal set out to make the college fair more interactive, fun, engaging and personalized. That’s exactly what ChatterHigh is doing in the U.S. and in Canada.

Get your students more engaged in finding their perfect college. Find out how at the National Principal’s Conference, July 9-11th in Philadelphia, booth #1102 and online at