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NPC 17: Experience The Amazing ClearTouch At NPC 17

National Principal’s Conference: Can Your MultiTouch Display Do This?

With a ClearTouch display at the front of the classroom students will be able to see everything on the screen from wherever they are sitting. That’s because ClearTouch’s displays start at 65″ and go all the way up to 86″, yes that’s taller than most K-5 students.  ClearTouch is so much more than a display. It’s part display, part smart board, part interactive board and more. The brilliant display and hardware are present on all three sized models which makes ClearTouch perfect for multi deployments. The school’s technology director is dealing with the same equipment regardless of size.  With all three ClearTouch sizes your images, videos and lessons will pop off the screen in beautiful and brilliant ULTRA HD.

When you bring a ClearTouch display into your arsenal of instructional tools you know you have not just a piece of equipment but a learning extension. Whether you’ve created an interactive lesson with video and questions, you’re doing a clicker quiz to the whole class, your students have made short movies or you just need basic white board space, ClearTouch delivers. ClearTouch plays nice with all educational software and comes complete with two operating systems, Windows and Android.

Teachers can invite their students up to the ClearTouch board to brainstorm, collaborate or even play hangman. That’s because ClearTouch features a 20 touch point intuitive display. Have the students made something incredible that you want to save or share, it’s just a click away. You can email what’s on the ClearTouch screen directly from ClearTouch without the need of an external device.  ClearTouch also comes with software that allows the teacher to send what’s on the ClearTouch board directly to every students device in the room, making it truly interactive.

Cleartouch-flat NPC 17: Experience The Amazing ClearTouch At NPC 17As Ed T from Ed on Ed Tech explained to our nine year old reporter at ISTE 2017, ClearTouch is the only display that can be positioned as an upright traditional display, an easel and even a table top for instant collaboration amongst students gathered around the table. This table top option allows for learning, playing games and much more.

When you couple ClearTouch with Nuiteq’s Snowflake multi-touch software teachers can create amazing lessons that utilize the full potential of ClearTouch’s multi-touch display. One of the neatest features is the ability to divide the display into multiple displays it’s like having 10 displays in one. Gathered around the table top students can have their own workspace and then bring it back together as one. It’s like taking mcSquares digital.

The ClearTouch runs both Windows 10 and Android which puts tens of thousands of software options at the finger tips of the user. Of course ClearTouch can also be used in the conference room or the board room just as easily as it can be used in the classroom. ClearTouch has incorporated technology that makes it a breeze to switch between devices. This makes multiple student presentations a breeze.

You can experience ClearTouch for yourself at the National Principal’s Conference In Philadelphia July 9th-11th, booth #413 and online at