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National Principal’s Conference: Genius Plaza Shows Off Their Bilingual Education Platform For K-12

NPC 17: We Talk With Genius Plaza’s Paola Garcia About Their Learning Platform

Genius Plaza is an online educational platform for students in grades k-12. It’s one of the only e-learning platforms out there that is 100% bilingual offering Spanish and English speaking students equal opportunity and access to their wide array of resources.

Genius Plaza focuses on Math, ELA, Science and STEAM through a variety of online education tools, games and curricula.

The company’s “genius centered approach” relies heavily on four main ideas; learn, reflect, re-teach and peer review. All unique in their own right, but when put together the learner grasps a better understanding of the concepts being taught.

  • Learn: Students learn from their educators and from the many resources available in the Genius Plaza Learning Bank.
  • Reflect: Every Genius Plaza resource gives students the opportunity to reflect with comments and reviews.
  • Re-teach: Students take ownership of the lesson by using our co-creation tools to re-teach the skills using their unique creativity. This is when the magic happens!
  • Peer review: Once co-creations are completed, students reflect on each other’s work by adding comments and/or votes to the best game, video, eBook, or worksheet. This means: repetition, critical thinking, and mastery!

geniusplaza-interview-ss National Principal's Conference: Genius Plaza Shows Off Their Bilingual Education Platform For K-12One of their most exciting areas is STEAM. The backbone of Genius Plaza’s STEAM resources are over 100 videos produced by Genius Learning highlighting STEAM/STEM careers. They take it one step further though by showing these careers and professions, often times with a Latino person, a person of color, or women showing that all people can become all things.

Diversity is a big part of what Genius Plaza does.

The company’s entire ethos is diversity, intentional diversity from the top down.

The Genius Plaza product is designed to offer unparalleled and uninterrupted equal access to education for students, regardless of their background, heritage, or ability.

“Genius Plaza has expanded its reach to close the academic achievement gap among students across the globe. Genius Plaza was created by a diverse group of educators, programmers, designers, and leaders who believe that education is the only sustainable development vehicle that is available to all, with access as the only barrier.” the company says on their website.

This is driven by the Ana Roca Castro, Genius Plaza’s founder and CEO and the intentionally diverse team she has assembled. In a medium post by Ellen Pao, a true champion of diversity in the startup space, Castro talks about real discrimination she saw as a student and as a professional. “When I first came to this country teachers did not realize how advanced I was in math because of my accent,” she told Pao.

Growing up as a Latina student Castro knows that kids don’t even realize it when they’re being stereotyped or denied access to the same resources that other students have.

Genius Plaza offers an amazing amount of resources produced in house by a truly diverse team of educators and technologists. You can check out Genius Plaza online at