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NPC 17: Augmented Reality Brings Learning Alive

Learning Alive From Alive Studios Brings Learning To Life

Flash Cards are a very important part of early elementary education. Flash cards can be used to learn letter identity and sounds, build sentences and learn basic math functions. Flash cards have been around since the 1800s with the earliest known use in 1834. Not much has changed about flash cards, until now.

Alive Studios, an augmented reality, edtech startup from Atlanta, has brought flash cards to life with the use of Augmented Reality (AR)

Through amazing augmented reality and flash cards, students learn the alphabet, sentence structure, reading, math and more. When flashcards are put underneath the camera, the animal or image on the card comes to life. But it’s so much more than that.

With one set of cards students can make sentences. If the sentences are correct, the animal on the card will do perform the verb that is on the card. For example, if students put together a sentence like; The Frog Can Jump, the frog will jump. But if the sentence is The Frog Will Run, the frog simply shakes his head. Adjectives come to life too. Animals can change size, shape and color based on the sentence the student puts together.  Math cards work similarly to the alphabet cards.

This amazing idea for Learning Alive came together after founder Cynthia Kaye became frustrated with the available tools to help teacher her two adopted sons how to read and speak the English language. Once exposed to augmented reality her wheels started turning and soon enough, Learning Alive came to life.

“By incorporating a differentiated learning experience that taps the key learning modalities, we’re able to increase engagement and retention across all learners including ELL, at-risk, and special needs students,” Kaye said. This non-conventional, technology-based instruction is credited by many of its users as one of the biggest contributors to improved literacy scores.

You can check out Learning Alive from Alive Studios at the Kaplan booth at the National Principal’s Conference in Philadelphia, booth #533 and online at