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NPC 17: Collaborate, Reiterate In Analog With mcSquares

banner-720x90 NPC 17: Collaborate, Reiterate In Analog With mcSquaresNational Principal’s Conference 2017: mcSquares Has Re-Invented The White Board And It’s Awesome For The Classroom

We first got to see mcSquares in person at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. We knew it was cool, but it was there at ISTE where we realized why teachers are raving about a white board. You see, mcSquares isn’t just any ordinary whiteboard. (it’s pronounced M-C- Squares think Hammer not McDonalds).

mcSquares has taken the traditional white board and turned it into a group of individual smaller white boards. This allows students to get personal, and let their ideas and creativity work. In this day and age with 1:1 devices in the classroom, mcSquares is an analog way to not just get students to be creative, but to think more. Then, they can take their idea, and their single mcSquare and add it to the group of squares at the front of the room to bring together one concept and one idea.

Sure you can send ten students to the front of the room and have them all work on the same white board space, but emphatically the students will gel off one another and teachers won’t get the same raw creativity that they would from a mcSquares system.  mcSquares gives every student an opportunity to participate in a big classroom discussion or project, especially those that shy away from going to the front of the room.

mcSquares can be moved around and repositioned. Maybe one student’s idea fits better with another. Students get a much better understanding of how their individual work contributes to the big picture.

“mcSquares has really revolutionized how we do skills practice in the classroom, we don’t use pencil and paper anymore…mcSquares has allowed us to work independently but also to share out publicly, and collaboratively with each other in class… It’s next level as far as skills practice in a 21st century classroom.” Michael Cammilleri a 1st grade teacher at Ashley Elementary School said on mcSquares website.

mcSquares also comes with templates for common whiteboard uses like pop up dialogue bubbles. How do we know kids will like it? Well before the video interview above, our 9 year old edtech reporter she spent some time with Hannah moving pieces all over the board demonstrating just how easy and fun mcSquares can be.

You can try it out for yourself at the National Principal’s Conference in Philadelphia, booth #317 and online at