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NPC 17: Otus Because Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

banner-720x90 NPC 17: Otus Because Well Done Is Better Than Well SaidNational Principal’s Conference 2017: Otus, Because Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

We’re in Philadelphia for the National Principal’s Conference, the city where Benjamin Franklin rose to prominence. He’s who said “well done is better than well said”. Why do we keep saying that in regards to Otus a company that puts together an LMS (learning management system), with a robust data component (SIS/Student information system) and an e-assessment portal?

That’s because the folks at Otus are laser focused on providing one single solution for teachers, administrators and district level administrators to make smart actionable decisions based on data that has traditionally been siloed in warehoused in a number of different systems. They’re taking the hodge podge from everywhere and turning it into useable data.

What you won’t find from Otus is a bunch of flashy buzzword filled websites that leave the reader wondering what in the world they do. Chances are, that in the past five to ten years your school or district has been sold some amazing piece of software that has all kinds of data points that refuse to talk to one another.

APASS-BOOTH-banner-720-x-90 NPC 17: Otus Because Well Done Is Better Than Well SaidThe team from Otus is a bunch of educators that have had feet on the ground experience, not just in working with disorganized messes of data, but also knowing how to get kids, students and teachers to talk to each other to get results and harmony. Essentially through technology and data, that’s exactly what Otus is doing.

Otus is known for results, not for a bunch of flash, I mean outside of their purple foam 10 gallon hats at ISTE, what you see is what you get and with Otus they make sure you’re seeing the actual data that’s coming out of each and every classroom, teacher and student.

Say you were a high school principal and you had one cluster of 20 or so students that were failing math for no apparent reason. In most scenarios in schools there would be some explanation for it, possibly an explanation that touched all of those same students, but with so many different data collection systems the principal wouldn’t know where to start and if he or she really wanted to dig in, it could take days to figure it out. With Otus, and all of the data funneled into one place, the answer could be just minutes away.

Check out our video interview above with Otus’ Jennifer Gurss and for more information visit

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