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NPC 17: Who’s Teaching The STEM Teachers About Robotics?

National Principal’s Conference: Is Teaching The Teachers About Robotics and STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and it’s fraternal twin STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Math) are fairly knew initiatives in schools across the country. Schools are turning to coding, computer science, maker spaces, and even robotics to help teach students these valuable skills in scenarios where all four or five subjects are represented.

The technology that’s driving many STEM/STEAM and maker space programs is new, not just to students but to teachers as well. That’s why there are companies like WorkBench and

When it comes to robotics, is here to help teachers learn about robotics, learn how to teach robotics and how to engage students in robotics. offers curriculum, teacher training and even on-site assemblies for students and teachers with the latest in the world of robots. Once kids see what robots can actually do, their eyes light up and they are eager to learn how to build, create and program robots themselves. is a one stop shop online for training, curriculum and even the robots themselves. They work with a variety of companies offering different types of robots. You’ll find our friends Dot & Dash along with Cubelets, Little Bits and other well known brands in the store. One of the really cool robotics companies they work with is EZ-Robot. is colocated with the EX-Robot team and has extensive training on their entire line of robots, including JD seen in the video above. also sells other important pieces of the maker space puzzle, like Maker Bot 3D printers. You’ll also find their EZ-Robot After School Curriculum and training in their online shop.

Once a school or district makes the decision to pull the trigger on a robotics program they need to learn the ins and outs of teaching and that’s where comes in. Find out more now at