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Startup Bus Heads To The Big Easy

Startup Bus Will Host 7 Buses From Across The Country In A Mobile Hackathon Headed To New Orleans.

startubbus-top Startup Bus Heads To The Big Easy

What started off as a rolling hakathon with a bunch of innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and dreamers headed to South By Southwest has now turned into a global phenomenon. The Startup Bus, is exactly what it sounds like, a mobile hackathon creating startups, aboard a bus. Today, the Startup Bus has trips around the world.

The next installment of the North American Startup Bus has seven buses headed to the Big Easy, New Orleans. Except the bus ride will be far from easy.

This year, entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, hackers, makers and innovators will climb aboard one of seven startup buses departing from; St. Louis, Ohio, New York City, San Francisco, Mexico City, New Orleans and Tampa Florida.  In case you’re wondering the New Orleans bus will board in New Orleans and then take a little road trip across the Gulf and the South to promote Louisiana’s unique startup scene.

Those selected to participate, after applying here, will board their respective buses on July 31st and arrive in New Orleans on August 4th.

The riders are typically broken up into teams and immediately start hacking together a startup. So far the grueling process has launched over 300 companies.

“I already live a hectic startup lifestyle, but StartupBus was like taking my startup life, doping it on steroids and then sending it out to space on a rocket ship.” Forbes reporter Erica Swallow said.

The Startup Bus isn’t for the weak at heart. The 72 hour hackathon isn’t one of those more cushy Startup Weekends where entrepreneurs say they’re working all weekend but go home and sleep in their own beds. With Startup Bus, buspreneurs will be thrust into action and sleeping anywhere becomes a rarity. The end result though is life long friendships, connections, and possibly the launch of the next big business.

You can find out more here at startupbus.com