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Startup Festival 2017 Spotlight: Motus Operandi The Robotic Arm Of The Future

motus-startupfestival2017-top Startup Festival 2017 Spotlight: Motus Operandi The Robotic Arm Of The FutureMotus Operandi Is Improving Robotic Arms With Smart Motion

The nibletz team is bringing you great coverage from Startup Festival 2017 in Seoul South Korea. The festival runs from this Thursday through Saturday at Coex Hall B in Seoul.

Motus Operandi is one of the featured startups at this event.  Co-Founder, Martin Kefer explains the future of robotic arms and how Motus Operandi is improving technology for automotive manufacturers and more:

At MOTUS OPERANDI, we are focusing on smart motion for robotic arms used in manufacturing industries. Our unique approach enables us to improve every robot application by optimizing energy consumption and productivity. Our customers in the automotive industry profit from an increased profitability of their robot applications and tremendous reduction of operation cost.

Motus Operandi was founded by Martin Kefer and Davide Cali in late 2016. After spending several years in robotics-related research at the largest robot company in the world, ABB, Martin took it on himself to set out on his own and revolutionize robot usage. The idea was simple based on a simple observation: Despite the fact that robot arms are built after the human arm, they move in a rather “edgy” way, not smooth like human arm’s move.

With Davide’s decades of experience as a software architect, we formalized this observation and designed an algorithm that makes any robot arm move in a smooth way. And the benefits are astounding: with our algorithm, we decrease electric energy consumption by 40%, which also increases robot life time and decreases maintenance costs. Moreoever, we can increase a robot’s productivity by 15%. We designed this algorithm to work in real-time, so our customers can profit from instant optimization, which otherwise would take days or weeks. The real-time capability is not only important to save time during the planning phase, but is also an important factor in future scenarios where robots “react” according to changes in their environment, like smart vision-controlled robots, and when planning mass customization productions.

We are working hard to make our algorithm even more efficient and we are exploring new solutions for other problems that afflict the manufacturing industry. At the same time we are working on making our technology available to larger market creating a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It is planned to be completed in 12 months and it will allow robot integrators to have access to our powerful solution in a very intuitive way, directly connected to their preferred programming environment.

Our technology is raising lots of interest in the business community as well. We already started cooperating with Faurecia, the largest automotive accessory supplier in the world, for which we already completed the first phase of a pilot. Next step will be a scientific publication and hopefully a final field test before implementation.

We are starting a pilot also with General Motors, one of the best known car brands in the world, which will bring us on the shop floor of their productions and will give us the possibility to challenge the current paradigm of robot automation.

The interest is not only coming from our potential users but also from the whole business community. We have been invited to speak at many events such as Hardware Massive and Startup Grinder in Shanghai. We also participated at SLUSH Shanghai, the biggest startup event in the world, where we made 3rd place at the pitch competition last October.

What really surprised us during our public appearances is the enthusiasm we feel from the audience, often not professionals, who see the possibility in our technology to actually make a deep change into a very conservative, large energy consuming industry. All this support encourages us to keep moving forward into the future of new robot technology that we want to contribute to build.

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