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Startup Festival 2017 Spotlight: Korean Startup Yeolrim Has Created The Smart Hearing Aid

yeolrim-startupfestival-2017-top Startup Festival 2017 Spotlight: Korean Startup Yeolrim Has Created The Smart Hearing AidKorean Startup Yeolrim Has Created The Smart Hearing Aid

Our coverage of Startup Festival 2017 continues. Asian startups are creating some amazing technology. One of those companies is based right in South Korea where the Startup Festival 2017 is taking place through December 2nd.

Yeolrim has introduced the worlds first smart hearing aid.

In their own words:

THE YEOLRIM Co., Ltd. has completed four domestic patent registration and Completed 1 USA patent application for Smart Hearing Aid, and developed ‘Self-Auto Fitting’ Smart Hearing Aid based on wireless communication interface with this technology and developed mobile, Based active smart healthcare product development and service as its core business model.

THE YEOLRIM Co., Ltd. was founded by veteran researchers who have worked in Hyundai Electronics and Pantech for over 15 years, including CEOs, who have studied technology such as smart phones, hardware, software, networks, wireless communications, and amplifiers. In the domestic hearing aid market, which dominates over 85% of foreign products, it is necessary to pioneer new domestic and overseas markets with reasonable prices, original patent and technology, user convenience, differentiated design, and solve the problems of the hearing impaired people.

THE YEOLRIM Co., Ltd. is able to provide user-oriented healthcare service that is linked to smartphone and competitor’s products, and it can save consumers cost burden by excellent price competitiveness compared to foreign hearing aids of millions of won, reduce the time and cost wasted in personalization and purchasing process, The device can implement three multi functions: a hearing aid, a BT earphone, and a handsfree. In particular, we are able to offer differentiated customer value in terms of price, quality, distribution channels, and partnerships to enter overseas markets.

-THE YEOLRIM Co., Ltd. Successful performance of R&D task for systematic construction of Smart Hearing Aid and Smart Hearing System, certification of Korea Technology Guarantee Fund as venture company, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund’s first penguin-type start-up company certification, original patent related to Smart Hearing Aid and Completed 1 USA patent application record . In particular, the company plans to complete the final task in 2017 to acquire the certification of the government licensing authority for the BTE type smart hearing aid which has commercialized its own patent.

THE YEOLRIM Co., Ltd. In the hearing aid market dominated by global corporations, we apply Korean smart smart hardware, software, and device development capabilities to provide products with various functions and reasonable prices to elderly people, child hearing loss, hearing impaired people, To improve quality of life, to pioneer overseas markets, and to increase exports.

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