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SXSWAccelerator Preview: BBY, Because All Babies Should Have The Benefits Of Natural Breast Milk

bby-sxsw-accelerator-top SXSWAccelerator Preview: BBY, Because All Babies Should Have The Benefits Of Natural Breast MilkSXSW Startup: BBY Is The First Doctor Approved, Safe, Breast Milk Exchange

The benefits of natural breast milk for newborn babies are widely known. The AAP recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months. It’s also highly recommended that babies continue to breastfeed up to 12 months and a little longer if both the mother and baby are still comfortable. While formula has improved over the years, the benefits to breastfeeding over store bought formula are high.

Unfortunately, for some it’s not possible to breastfeed. In some cases the mother isn’t capable of producing enough breast milk or any breast milk at all. There’s also the case of LGBTQ couples that can’t breastfeed and single person adoptions where it’s impossible for breastfeeding. But it’s not like you can just login to Amazon and order breast milk right to your door. It’s also not safe to randomly find another breastfeeding mother and ask for her milk.

At the same time there are thousands of breastfeeding moms out there that produce too much breast milk. At the end of the day these mothers resort to storing breast milk or getting rid of it all together.

The team at BBY, a startup based in New York, have developed a way to connect parents that need natural breast milk to women who produce excess breast milk. BBY knows there are other ad-hoc breast milk solutions, there are even people who try and buy and sell breast milk on sites like Craigslist. There are safety and health issues with both of those options.

BBY has created the first doctor approved, safety and health screened breast milk exchange. They’ve also made it incredibly simple to link the two. Call it the sharing economy for breast milk if you will, but it’s something that new parents everywhere can benefit from.

  • Nursing moms simply go onto the BBY website and fill out the form to become a milk donor
  • They provide basic information like how old their baby is and how much excess breast milk they produce
  • They then take the BBY form to their doctor for completion. The doctor then faxes the form into BBY’s HIPA compliant fax server
  • Parents who need breast milk sign up on BBY’s website
  • BBY matches nursing mothers to parents that need natural breast milk
  • The exchange is done at a local hospital or clinic

BBY screens for health, including diseases like HIV, Hepatitis and TORChES that can be transmitted via breast milk. This way the parents that need the breast milk know that it’s safe to give to their newborn baby.

Other sites, that don’t screen for health and safety, charge up to $4 per ounce. BBY charges just $1.50 per ounce with 80% going to the donor mom. At the end of the day BBY has created a healthy exchange for nutrient filled breast milk and upcycled breast milk that may have otherwise been thrown out.

Find out more about BBY at SXSW Interactive, March 9-13th in Austin Texas and online at 

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