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iuzeit Is Making Online Shopping Smarter

Dallas Startup iuzeit Makes Online Shopping Smarter Easier

iuzeit-top iuzeit Is Making Online Shopping Smarter

If you’re an online shopper accustomed to checking reviews of products form multiple sites, than iuzeit can make your life a whole lot easier.

The Dallas startup founded by Yogi Patel was just selected for the Sup-X startup competition in Miami next month. They have created a platform that aggregates reviews from three trusted sources; customers, experts and your friends. From there they give any product you’re looking for an iuzeit score based on the reviews from those sources, helping you make an informed decision.

While there are other companies currently providing aggregated reviews, like ChannelSignal, iuzeit also incorporates the friends review into your score. Once you sign up for a free iuzeit account you can see reviews of electronics products from friends of yours that also use iuzeit.

They’re aiming to be a trivago or kayak but instead of aggregating travel reviews and information, it’s all about electronics.

The startup is still young. They held a private beta last year and right now we were able to find a lot of smartphone reviews. Those reviews were laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Online shopping is a seven trillion dollar industry and there is a lot of review data out there to be consumed. There’s of course Yelp and then every other product site in the world has their own reviews, so far no one is providing the reviews the same way iuzeit is. The experience looks a lot like Amazon with a plethora of data available to the consumer. iuzeit is perfect for consumers that may want to turn elsewhere.

iuzeit is able to cut through the cacophony that is the online product review.

They were chosen as one of 50 startup finalists from across the country to compete in the upcoming Sup-X startup competition in Miami.

You can sign up for iuzeit here.