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No Seriously, Meet Celebrities And Influencers With 1degree App [sxsw]

We Talk With UVA Startup 1degree App At South By Southwest

One of the best startups we’ve found out about in the last year or so comes to us from the University of Virginia’s entrepreneurship program. Last December we found out about 1degree app. 

Max Huc and Sam Boochever were roomates at UVA and heard a story about someone paying $2000 just to take a selfie with a hip hop star.

“We were hanging out watching tv one night and saw a story about someone who paid $2000 just to take a selfie with Meek Mill. We basically just looked at each other and said it’s absolutely crazy what lengths people will go to, to connect with these influencers that influence their lives”Boochever told us in an interview. That’s what led to the creation of the 1 degree app.

1degree-team-1 No Seriously, Meet Celebrities And Influencers With 1degree App [sxsw]

“The idea behind 1degree is that with our app you’re never more than 1 degree from the celebrities and influencers that influence your life” Huc added.

That summer the two founders headed west, not to become actors but to meet and network with as many influencers as possible to create 1degree. The app allows influencers and celebrities to join. Once they’ve joined they can hold auctions to have 2 minute Facetime sessions with their fan base. The winning bidder gets the Facetime conversation with the actual person. The influencer can decide to continue the conversation outside of the two minutes of allotted time.

1degree has also built in a conduit where the influencers can donate the funds generated from the auction to the charity of their choice.

1degree app is catching on. At South By Southwest the team was able to meet several artists, musicians, stars and business influencers and entice them to join the platform. The range of celebrities and influencers includes actors/actresses, models, business CEOs, professional sports stars from the NBA, MLB, NHL and professional soccer. Also, 1degree app is available in other countries and has attracted influencers and celebrities outside of the United States.

Watch the video above and for more info visit  or our previous story on them.