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SXSW 2018: Richard Bronson Wants To Put 70 Million People Back To Work

Richard Bronson, The Founder Of 70 Million Jobs, Is Helping Millions Of Former Inmates

A young wall street broker works for Bear Sterns, then moves onto the legendary firm, Stratton Oakmont. Stratton Oakmont isn’t legendary for making people millions of dollars, it’s legendary for bilking millions of dollars and being the subject of the Leonardo DiCaprio flick, Wolf Of Wall Street. That broker opens up his own boiler room, moves to Miami, buys a club in South Beach, lives in one of the swankiest hotels by the beach and even starts donating money to museums, galleries and other causes.

That man, Richard Bronson, ended up serving two years in federal prison for his crimes relating to the boiler room firm that he held. Bronson has no problem telling this story to anyone that will listen. He made his mistakes, did his time and paid everyone back. After that though, that’s when the amazing part begins.

You see in his high flying days Bronson was rich and had everything he wanted, or so he thought. Today, all he wants to do is help people get jobs.

Bronson realized when he was transitioning back into civilian life that getting a job was a huge challenge, not just for him, but for millions of people formerly incarcerated. Most of these people are good people that made a bad decision but they’re punished not for the time they serve, but for the rest of their lives.

After spending some time working in the transition word, helping inmates get back on their feet, he got that bug again, but this time the bug was to do good. He knew he could do more. He knew he could do it big. You see his brain never stopped working in fact it went on a little break and came back stronger. Bronson decided to go out on his own and create the linkedin for the formerly incarcerated.

70MillionJobs is helping to put some of those people back to work, giving them a new lease on life and helping companies find good hard workers. Not only that but research has proven that nearly 80% of the people released from jail or prison return within five years, shockingly, nearly all of them are unemployed when re-arrested. Guess what, those with jobs rarely recidivate. It’s this desire to help his formerly incarcerated brothers and sisters not recidivate that really keeps Bronson motivated.

70MillionJobs connects these people with employers, and some of the biggest companies in the country, to tap into this eager workforce.

Bronson is passionate about this and works every minute every day to get the word out. You can see the passion in his face in this interview from the SXSW Accelerator.  In addition to being a SXSW Accelerator finalist, 70MillionJobs is also a Ycombinator company and has attracted some big media attention.

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