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These 8 College Startups To Compete At SXSW

Startup Madness Announces 8 College Startup Finalists

StartupMadness-top These 8 College Startups To Compete At SXSW

Startup Madness collegiate startup tournament will take place March 13th at SXSW Interactive

Startup madness, the official SXSW competition for college startups has announced their 8 finalist teams.

Long gone are the days that entrepreneurs across the country would board buses for 72 hours, build a startup, pitch at Rackspace and then move on to South By Southwest. In some ways, Startup Madness has filled the void in our hearts for the lovely people of the Startup Bus.

From experience, the Startup Bus stretched to a week long celebration of creating things and a drunken debauchery of non-showered frenemies walking around Austin like zombies just to be told by Dave McClure that your idea was shit. But really it was amazing.

In a much more organized fashion, Startup Madness has made a national call for the country’s best collegiate startups. After fielding hundreds and hundreds of entries, they’ve taken the list down to eight. Those eight teams will be center stage at SXSW Interactive on March 13th. There, at the Hilton Austin, they’ll pitch their companies to a panel of judges and hear from Jesse Draper, the talk show host, investor and founder of Halogen Ventures.

While the $2,000 of software services is a great prize for first place, they’ll all be looking and hopefully finding more. They’ll be pitching to a room full of anxious investors, just hours before the legendary Silicon Valley Bank party down the street.

In addition to the $2000 in software services they’ll also have bragging rights for a year, for being the best collegiate startup in the land.

Miraculously these eight startups represent the best of “everywhere else” there’s not a Stanford, Harvard or even Wharton student on any of these eight teams.

Here’s the list, and if you want to see them in action pick up a SXSW Interactive badge here.

  • 101 from Carnegie Mellon University, Reimagining the college STEM classroom with student engagement tools for active learning.
  • Dycap Media Solutions from University of Florida, Dycap develops software to automate filming using recognition (edge, motion, facial) connects to any pan tilt zoom camera, removing the need for an operator.
  • Find Your Ditto from University of Michigan, A mobile platform that connects individuals living with the same chronic illness locally for on-demand, in-person support.
  • Omnipointment from Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Helps students find time for group meetings and helps teachers understand how their student teams are working together.
  • Parihug from Case Western Reserve University, Wifi-enabled teddy bears that allow loved ones to hug each other from all over the world.
  • Reflexion Interactive Technologies from Case Western Reserve University, Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University, By screening for concussions more often, we can reduce the risk for neurological damage and decrease the liability of athletic organization.
  • Swifte from University of Georgia and University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Transforming the way university students and community carpools by creating a social platform for users to SHARE the ride, SPLIT the cost, and SAVE the environment.
  • Theatre Galleria from New York University, Online marketplace that connects and facilitates exchanges between theaters, theater professionals, prop houses, and costume houses.