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Mark Cuban Reveals How President Trump Does Email

Donald Trump Really Doesn’t Know How To Use Email

MarkCuban-SXSW-Top Mark Cuban Reveals How President Trump Does Email

Mark Cuban spoke to a full house at South By Southwest earlier today. The line to see the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, startup investor and ABC Shark Tank star, rivaled the line for Joe Biden.

The session Cuban was speaking at was called “Is Government Disrupting Disruption” he spoke alongside Adam Lyons the CEO of insurance marketplace startup Zebra, a company Cuban has invested in.

During the session Cuban gave some great startup nuggets to the hundreds of drooling startup founders in attendance. “When you’re a disruptor, you ignore the noise. You’ve got a vision”. Cuban said. He also reiterated a startup theme he’d had since he was a computer salesman selling a machine he didn’t even own. “We’d rather go out there and ask for forgiveness instead of wait for approval”.

Some of the biggest applause and cheers came when Cuban commented on President Trump. The two billionaires have been at odds for months, at one time even battling on Twitter.

Cuban admitted to favoring Trump’s economic policies, but definitely not his social ones. “The economic policies of his that are pretty much traditionally conservative I like…. But in terms of him personally, he’s the Zoolander president,” Cuban said to a roaring crowd.

It’s been long understood that Trump doesn’t use email. So how does he survive in 2017, especially as President of the United States. Cuban shed some light;

“His idea of efficiency is I would send him emails, his assistant would print it, he would write on it, and he would scan it,” Cuban said. “He doesn’t know how to use email.”

Despite being a wiz on Twitter, Cuban said the President doesn’t know how to use Google or any search engine for that matter. “Just think how efficient he could be if he learned how to use a search engine,” Cuban said. Earlier in the day Cuban was asked by CNBC if he would ever run for President. “I wouldn’t say never, but it’s not my lifelong dream,” he said. Cuban identifies as Libertarian.

Cuban regularly attends South By Southwest, he’s very approachable for young startups and entrepreneurs.