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SXSW Accelerator Preview: Farming Made Easier With Leaf By Agrarian Labs

leaf-sxsw-top SXSW Accelerator Preview: Farming Made Easier With Leaf By Agrarian LabsSXSW Startup: Finally An App Built For The Business Of Farming

Agricultural technology, or “ag-tech” for those in the know, is one of the fastest growing segments of technology in the world. Lately, when we hear about new agtech though, it has to do with drones and pest control or keeping up with a herd of cows or pigs. There hasn’t been much innovation in business of farming, until now.

Take a visit to a legacy farm, one that has been in a family for 100+ years. If they have a home office, you’ll probably find a hodge podge of paper calendars, highlighted notes and post its. What you’ll also find though, is that most of these farming families have some kind of Android phone or an iPhone. Why aren’t they using it to manage their farm business, because there isn’t an app for that, until now.

Leaf, is the IoT connected, cloud based, business intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence, and specifically designed for farmers.

Farming is the oldest profession in the world and many farms across the globe have been in families for generation after generation. This is one of the main reasons it’s taken so long for a technology driven platform to emerge for farming. The team at Leaf (Agarian Labs), went straight to the farm to develop Leaf. They knew such a task couldn’t be performed in an office or coworking space.

As they tell it, what they found was that many farms were simply managed in the brains of the farmers. They knew in their heads when to start planting different crops and what fields had been dusted. They knew when they needed more hay and when they needed to store more grain in silos. A human data dump to a technology platform is nearly impossible.

That’s why Leaf is built on an infrastructure of low cost, easy to use sensors that measure and collect data on every important data point on the farm, regardless if it’s five acres, or five thousand.  Using IoT sensors and mobile devices Leaf is able to generate the operational history of a farm without manual data input.

The benefits to Leaf are immeasurable. Farmers will be able to save money and cut costs by optimizing performance. They’ll be able to make important data driven decisions to maximize harvest season and equally as important, they’ll have a data driven, real time history of the farm’s operations that they can continue to pass onto generations.

Leaf is laying the groundwork to make farming thrive again.

Leaf is a finalist in the 2018 SXSW Accelerator, see them during SXSW Interactive March 9-13th in Austin and find out more at

sxsw2018-nibletz-house-banner SXSW Accelerator Preview: Farming Made Easier With Leaf By Agrarian Labs