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SXSW Accelerator Preview: Never Miss The Action Again With FanFood

fanfood-sxsw-top SXSW Accelerator Preview: Never Miss The Action Again With FanFoodSXSW Startup: FanFood Means You Spend More Time In Your Seat and Less Time Waiting In Line

With the big game happening tomorrow whether you’re an Eagles fan or a Patriots fan, deciding when to go to the bathroom is going to be tough. No one wants to miss any of the action when watching a big game at home, but imagine watching the big game in the stands.

When do you decide to go get some more nachos or a cheeseburger? Do you go during an “intermission”? Do you go during halftime? If you do, you run the risk of waiting in a really long line and still missing part of the game getting back to your seat. If there was a way to order from your seat it would save time and heartache. Luckily there is.

Chicago is the reigning king of food convenience startups. Grubhub was launched from Chicago and the same holds true for food convenience in professional sports stadiums, with FanFood.

FanFood helps fans have an amazingly good time by ensuring they don’t miss any of the action when they’re hungry. FanFood let’s users easily order food from their seat using their app, from the closest concession stand. Then, the food is delivered right to them without any need to wait in a long line and miss that amazing punt return, home run hit or slap shot from center ice. FanFood helps stadiums build amazing experiences by taking care of the fans first.

The FanFood app is feature packed and easy to use:

  • Order right from your seat
  • Pay securely through the app
  • Choose pickup or delivery
  • Track your order so you know when it’s ready to be picked up or about to be delivered
  • Get exclusive discounts and deals through the FanFood app
  • In some stadiums you can even order merchandise right from the app

For stadiums, professional sports organizations and event companies FanFood:

  • Improves wait times and customer service
  • Increases sales
  • Enhances the fan experience
  • Alleviates congestion
  • Provides better concession data
  • maximizes human resources

Like we said, Chicago is serious about their food convenience startups, FanFood was recently named a top 50 startup to watch in the windy city by our friends at The company is microfunding right now and letting people become owners of this great food app that will be used by millions of fans across the country at stadiums, sporting events, concerts, high school and college events and more.

FanFood is a top 50 finalist in the 2018 SXSW Accelerator. Check them out at SXSWinteractive, March 9-13th in Austin, and here at

sxsw2018-nibletz-house-banner SXSW Accelerator Preview: Never Miss The Action Again With FanFood