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SXSWAccelerator Preview: KidzToPros Is Connecting Kids To Quality After School Activities

kidztopros-sxsw-accelerator-top SXSWAccelerator Preview: KidzToPros Is Connecting Kids To Quality After School ActivitiesSXSW Startup: KidzToPros Is Your One Stop Shop For After School Activities

What started out as a platform to connect kids, their parents and private coaches has quickly become the go-to website for connecting kids and parents with after school activities. KidzToPros was founded after one of the co-founders sons received a skateboard for their 6th birthday. With nowhere to turn for lessons, young Aidan jumped on the skateboard at the skatepark and proceeded to have two days worth of falls. On the second day they just happened to run into a skateboard coach. But without that happenstance meeting Aidan would have probably stuck his skateboard under the bed or in the garage, never to be ridden again.

That’s why co-founders Poojah Shah and Shane Fernandes went to work creating a platform that would make it easy for parents and private coaches to connect. Whether it be for basketball techniques or horse back riding, there were plenty of opportunities for private coaches and plenty of opportunities for parents looking for those individuals.

As the platform picked up steam their user base started asking about adding other types of activities. Parents and customers said they wanted a platform for all after school activities and that’s exactly what KidzToPros did.

Today over 4000 kids are connected with over 1000+ coaches, 1500+ programs at 100+ schools, making it the ultimate place to find things to do for the kiddos after school.

Today, parents and kids can peruse the site and find anything and everything from traditional sports programs like basketball and soccer to ballet classes and much more. They also feature STEM/STEAM after school programs, coding, science programs and even cricket.

As the platform evolved KidzToPros even makes it easy for parents to find summer camps for their children for every interest under the sun.

KidzToPros takes care of signups, handling payments, and even background screening on all of the coaches. The platform even has safety features including the ability to get text notifications when  your child checks in and out of their activity.  KidzToPros takes the worry and the hassle out of finding fun things for kids to do.

KidzToPros is a top 50 2018 SXSW Accelerator Finalist. You can meet them at SXSW Interactive in Austin, March 9-13th and online at 

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