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SXSW 2018: alive5 Shows Off SMS Payment Platform Taking Sports World By Storm

alive5 Is The First Platform That Allows You To Easily Invoice and Receive Payments From Your Customers Through SMS

Fresh off the heels with the newly improved NBA darling Boston Celtics, Rohit Joshi who handles business development for Austin startup alive5 was all smiles at the ATX Startup Crawl during SXSW.

alive5 is the first company bringing to market a proven platform for invoicing and receiving payments right through text messages. Americans have moved away from phone calls and desktops, the easiest way to reach someone and get a response is via text message. In fact, research suggests that tex 90% of text messages are open within the first 3 minutes versus email that can linger for days.

People want things fast and now and SMS is the easiest way to do it.

That’s the thought behind alive5’s latest offering, a new platform that allows users to invoice and receive payment through text message. The company has established itself as a leader in messaging based assistance within company websites. For example, many NCAA division 1 schools use alive5 technology as the live messaging assistant on their websites.

But today that’s shifted as Joshi tells us in the video interview from SXSW this week. You need to be able to reach people where they are and where they are most likely going to see the message, and in this case thats SMS/Text messaging.

Joshi says that sports teams and college athletics departments could easily renew season ticket subscriptions through the alive5 platform. A simple text message could be sent at the end of the season asking if the season ticket holder wants to renew and if they confirmed yes an invoice could be sent right away and they could pay right then and there.

The Boston Celtics are going to use alive5 so that people who message with their ticket department can be quickly billed. If a customer is looking for a ticket the text service would confirm whether they had the right ticket or not and instantly bill them. The customer would pay at the same time and voila it would be done. There would be no need to an email, to go to a website or call an 800 number.

The possibilities with text based purchasing are endless. Imagine a housing community sending a text to a tenant who could then pay the rent by just answering a text message. The closing rate for these transactions would be enormous and the benefits would be clear for the user and the service provider.

You can find out more now by watching our video above and by going to

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