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SXSW Accelerator Preview: Metronaut Is An Orchestra In Your Pocket

metronaut-antescofo-sxsw-accelerator-top SXSW Accelerator Preview: Metronaut Is An Orchestra In Your PocketSXSW Startup: Metronaut By Antescofo Puts The Best Musicians In The Palm Of Your Hands

A startup out of France is doing something amazing for musicians, and even wanna be musicians, using artificial intelligence.

The company has developed an accompaniment platform and app that gives musicians and singers alike, the ability to be accompanied by some of the best musicians in the world. The app, called Metronaut is like having an orchestra listening to you and ready to play with you, on your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re a musician that plans an instrument Metronaut will let you play, accompanied by the musicians of the best orchestras and the best pianists chosen and curated by the platform. Metronaut users can adjust the tempo without impairing sound quality.

With Metronaut even beginning musicians can play any instrument and piece they wish at their own rhythm. Metronaut users can play at the original tempo or set a more comfortable tempo themselves.

Metronaut is also a valuable practice tool for music students in between lessons. Using the app, aspiring musicians can record themselves and listen back to the piece while following along on the score. Metronaut also allows users to set a loop of difficult parts to practice over and over again until they’re comfortable with it.

When a user has fully mastered their musical piece they can record it and share it with the Metronaut community or even hold their own private recital. Throughout the app and all of it’s features, Metronaut’s artificial intelligence (AI) is learning how the user plays music and automatically adjusts accordingly. Not only are you learning to play music but you’re sounding better as you go.

This is one of the first versatile music tools that’s designed for the earliest of beginners and advanced musicians.

Metronaut is a top 50 finalist in the SXSW Accelerator. You can see them pitch at the SXSW Accelerator during SXSW Interactive on March 10th and 11th. Then, you can visit with them at SXSW Accelerator Demo Day on March 12th. You can also check them out online at 

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