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SXSW Accelerator Preview: Apptronik Puts The Human In Human Centered Robot Design

apptronik-sxsw-accelerator-top SXSW Accelerator Preview: Apptronik Puts The Human In Human Centered Robot DesignSXSW Startup: Apptronik, An Austin Based Robotics Startup, Is On The Cutting Edge Of Human Centered Robot Design

When many of us were kids, robots were cool things from the future. They looked like Rosie from the Jetsons, Johnny 5 or R2D2. Many of the robots we saw in popular culture were big hunks of metal with flashy lights and the ability to follow someone around. They were often outfitted with robotic sounding voices and did things in ways that looked very mechanical. We didn’t know when but we knew that sometime in the future we would start seeing more and more robots.

Robots have been in industry for decades. Robotic arms are used on assembly lines everywhere for everything from driving screws to picking up heavy parts and machinery. Robotics can be found in toys, food dispensers and even the car wash. But today things are different. Through cutting edge hardware and software, robots are becoming more life like. Responsible Roboticists, like the team at Austin startup Apptronik, are developing amazing robotic technology that can help and assist people. They’re taking that edge off, from the naysayers who insist that robots are bad.

Robots aren’t going to take over the world anytime soon, but they are going to make the world a better place. Apptronik is developing robots that can live and work with humans to make our lives safe, more productive and easier. They also develop robotic parts for other roboticists, hobbyists, futurists, labs and universities.  All of the companies research and development efforts go to creating innovations in robotics that make robots lighter, safer and more powerful than ever before.

Two of the company’s executives, CEO Bill Welch and COO Bill Helmsing are both distinguished military veterans who’ve seen some of the positive effects robotics have had in military applications. With Apptronik, Welch and Helmsing, along with Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Luis Sentis and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Nicholas Paine, are working to set the gold standard as far as human centered robots are concerned.

Apptronik sees a future where robots have a positive role in society and they’re sharing that vision as top 50 finalists in the SXSW Accelerator this weekend in Austin Texas. You can hear Apptronik pitch on Saturday March 10th and visit with them during the SXSW Accelerator Demo Day Monday March 12th. You can also find out more on their website at 

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