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Better Weekdays Wins SXSWedu Launch Competition

St. Louis Startup Connecting College Students With Employment Wins SXSWedu Launch Competition

whether-sxswedu-top Better Weekdays Wins SXSWedu Launch Competition

South By Southwest Edu is the largest of the South By Southwest shoulder conferences. The growing edtech conference brings thousands of administrators, educators and even students in K-12 and higher ed to Austin Texas on the days leading up to the big South By Southwest Conference. This year’s SXSWedu saw even more educators, exhibitors and startups than previous years.

One of the mainstays at South By Southwest EDU is the startup competition called Launch EDU. The competition showcases early stage startups from around the world that support teachers, education and learning. EdTech startups catering to K-12 and Higher Ed were eligible for the competition.

10 finalists were chosen to pitch over two days at the conference. The winner, Better Weekdays, was announced at an event on March 8th.

The Whether, Better Weekdays newest product, helps connect college graduates with job and career opportunities.  They do this by keeping relevant internships and job opportunities on a student’s radar.  Company CEO, Chris Motley, pitched the startup during the competition. That was good enough to secure the bragging rights as winner of Launch EDU and a $2500 check. The company has raised $1.35 million to date from investors.

Here are the other 9 finalists: • Valparaiso, IN

APL’s mission is to connect higher education institutions with qualified experts and educators who want to teach as adjunct faculty, to provide a digital tool for institutions to manage their adjunct faculty recruiting and performance data, and to give adjunct faculty the teaching resources they need to help students learn. • Washington Township, NJ

ALEX, Anyone’s Learning Experience is a platform for the future of higher education. We are a marketplace for people to advance their careers by taking individual courses from across colleges. ALEX connects working learners with the skills and network for career advancement without leaving the workplace or going into debt. • Las Vegas, NV

ASD Reading teaches children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to read and write with comprehension using innovative content and methods that enable the children to achieve success – even when they are non-verbal (i.e., non-speaking). It is a game changer in the field of ASD literacy and language development. • Palo Alto, CA

Cell-Ed is an award-winning tech company that teaches essential skills – language, literacy and job training – in 3-minute lessons via audio and two-way texting on any cell phone (basic or smartphone), tablet or computer. We are designed for people on the go, so they can learn 24/7. • Victoria, BC

LlamaZOO’s platform marries highly interactive 3D, with AR/VR, and modern teaching techniques such as adaptive quizzing, and spaced repetition, to create more collaborative, and engaging student-educator experiences. LlamaZOO’s mission is to enable 3D digitization, creation, and sharing, broadening the reach of educators, further empowering the next generation of students. • Canberra, ACT

Quizling is passionate about bringing the community into classrooms, and encouraging curiosity and creativity in all students and in all subjects. Working with world class galleries, libraries and organisations the Quizling platform provides students with engaging content, game play and social learning through a fun quiz platform. • Oakland, CA

Sown To Grow is a student goal-setting and reflection platform that fosters growth mindset and student agency. Students set personal learning goals, enter their own scores to track progress, and write reflections to continuously improve. The result? Better, more confident learners. • Boston, MA

TeachersConnect is laying the groundwork for a world in which teaching is no longer a solo activity. TeachersConnect also enables teacher prep programs to provide ongoing value to their graduates and gather the data they need to meet new regulatory requirements and make sweeping, evidence-based changes to their curricula. • Chicago, IL

The Graide Network is an online platform that connects K-12 teachers with on-demand assistants to grade and provide feedback on student work. “Graiders” are undergraduate and graduate students who are aspiring educators. Their support unlocks the power of feedback to engage students and puts more data at educators’ fingertips.

You can check out Better Weekdays, Whether here.