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SXSW 2018: Is Blue Social The People Discovery Platform We’ve Been Waiting For

People Discovery Startups Have Come and Gone, But Blue Social May Have Hit The Mark.

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people and local discovery startups at SXSW. While they all seemed to have a great idea, many of them missed the mark.

New York startup Sonar looked the most promising when it came to finding people that would be relevant to you, to meet and discover at events, conferences, conventions or on campus. But even with Sonar, there was something missing and they ended up closing up shop. A startup out of Riverside California, may have discovered the missing link.

Blue Social is using Bluetooth technology (up to 100 feet) that will automatically connect users with one another. So for example if you’re a college student on a college campus and the campus is using Blue Social, as students pass each other they’re notified and then their information is exchanged.

Essentially Blue Social is taking the social/people discovery part and incorporating it with information exchange. Then, they’re facilitating the transfer of information, completely seamlessly. This makes it perfect for conferences and even networking meetups like Business After Hours.

Blue Social takes the place of a good ice-breaker and the need for business cards. It also prevents that awkward exchange of information.

Blue Social is made by millennials for millennials. They’re accustomed to doing everything on their phones, automatically and instantaneously and Blue Social does just that.

“Blue is going to be the trademark for our millennial generation. We live and breathe through networking. Everything we do is based on who we know, and what better way to start that by connecting…” Megan C a student says on the Blue Social website.

Jose Montero, Blue Social’s founder and CEO explains that Blue is the virtual name tag for the most connected generation that ever existed. Montero’s father, Jose Montero Sr, serves as the company’s COO and his sister Christen, is the Chief Marketing officer. Both Jose and Christen come from the exact generation that Blue was created for.

We’ve seen many social discovery startups designed to connect people, we’re confident Blue can actually make the connection.

Check out Blue Social at

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