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Bounty Board Is Gamifying The Barter And More [sxsw]

Jacksonville Startup Bounty Board Gamifies Barter And More

Bartering has been around since the stone age. Before there was money, there was barter. People in the earliest of time would raise chickens, fish, milk cows or grow vegetables. They would then travel to town and barter their goods for other goods that their household needed. That’s the premise for bartering. I’ve got something you want or need, you’ve got something I want or need, we trade.

There are a handful of places around that have already tackled the bartering space. There’s a barter section on Craigslist. There’s the ever infamous BNI group, and a handful of startups that have tried to reinvigorate the bartering way.

Many of the startups that have attempted to make bartering cool again have failed. They either couldn’t make it cool enough, they couldn’t engage users or they couldn’t build scale. Building scale is the biggest hurdle when trying to create a nationwide commerce platform of any kind.

BountyBoard1 Bounty Board Is Gamifying The Barter And More [sxsw]

Bounty Board, a Jacksonville startup, is has taken the bartering leap. There golden gem is that they’ve gamified the barter experience. Not only can people barter for things that they want or need, but they earn points as they do it.

Say you need a working lawn mower and you don’t want to pay cash for it. At the same time you have a Fender guitar that’s just gathering dust. You can post the bounty (the need for a lawnmower) along with the reward (the guitar). Now if someone has an extra lawnmower around and they want the guitar, that’s a bounty.

BountyBoard-2 Bounty Board Is Gamifying The Barter And More [sxsw]

Bounties can range anywhere from goods, to services and anything in between. Say your son needs a math tutor and  you don’t know a lick about calculus. Say there’s someone out there that’s a math wiz and wants to learn about darkroom developing. That could be a bounty as well.

The point system works a lot like eBay feedback. The more bounties you complete, the more points you earn and the more likely that someone will choose your bounty.

The founders of Bounty Board have also created a white label version that can be implemented in businesses to gamify skill learning as a rewards based system. Bounty Board for enterprise can also be used as a collaboration platform that will help connect employees with various skill sets to help one another with various job related tasks.

Check out our video with JD above and for more info visit bountyboard.io