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DC Startup BeaconGrid Has Built A Better Beacon [sxsw]

We Spoke With Beacon Grid At The WEDC House At South by Southwest

By now the foundation has been laid. The key to good proximity based technology is an infrastructure of good beacons. When you put all the AR/VR and 360 camera technology at South By Southwest this year, to the side, proximity based technology was the next hottest space. There is still a lot of talk about proximity, now we’re starting to see implementation.

Through either an RF network of connected smart devices, or a beacon controlled network, proximity technology offers a world of great opportunities for marketing, security, convenience and monitoring.

Marketers love beacon and proximity detection. They can offer deals for instance, when someone passes by an indoor or outdoor billboard. Offers can be sent to your smartphone when you leave a sporting event or concert. A more accurate headcount can be taken for an event organizer. Has a potential customer been lingering around that high end tv or high end purse for a while? Beacon and proximity technology can deliver all that data and make it actionable.

What time did John get into the office? Proximity and beacon technology can tell an employer that information without even having to punch a time clock or check in on an app. Are all five people on the elevator authorized to go to the secured floor? Is there a wave of customers in the appliance section but all the employees are in video games? Proximity technology and beacon technology can tell that as well.

BeaconGrid1 DC Startup BeaconGrid Has Built A Better Beacon [sxsw]

Since founding DC startup BeaconGrid, as SmarterSocket in 2014, Emmanuel Azih has become an authority on beacon technology. The company, which manufactures beacons in the form of AC/electrical sockets, changed their name from Smarter Socket to BeaconGrid. They’re also a certified Apple iBeacon partner.

There are other beacons available. Most of them require some kind of battery and have a more insecure way of transmitting data. The BeaconGrid technology is built into ac outlets and use AC power so there’s never the chance of the batteries going dead. They also have a more solid and secure communications infrastructure built in. This means they can’t be hacked by run of the mill Bluetooth technology.

The commercial uses for BeaconGrid are almost limitless. The extra layer of power and security means that BeaconGrid technology can be deployed in more secure facilities like hospitals, research institutions and government applications.

Azih spoke on a panel at South By Southwest on beacons, the internet of things and small cities. He toured around the conference speaking to potential partners and investors as well. Even with a busy conference schedule BeaconGrid was able to showcase at the WEDC house at South By Southwest as part of their kickoff event and open house last Sunday.

Check out our video interview with Azih above and for more information on beacons, BeaconGrid and proximity technology, visit