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Dutch Startup Volareo Is Bringing Music To The Blockchain At SXSW 2018

volareospeaker-sxsw-top Dutch Startup Volareo Is Bringing Music To The Blockchain At SXSW 2018SXSW Startup Preview: Volareo Is Bringing The First Blockchain Music Streaming Speaker, Debuting At SXSW 2018

This year at CES 2018, IFA 2017 and Mobile World Congress, putting AI via Alexa or another personal assistant was all the rage when it came to Bluetooth or personal music speakers. While you may have come away from this years major tech shows thinking that AI was the pinnacle of Bluetooth speaker innovation, you were wrong.

A Dutch startup called Volareo is bringing the world’s first Blockchain music streaming speaker with them to SXSW 2018. The Volareo speaker is the world’s most innovative, intuitive and easiest to use speaker. Volareo promises a new music experience wherever you are for the listener and the artist.

The Volaero speaker is designed for your living room, bedroom or on the go. You can sling it over your shoulder or tie it to your backpack. When you’re ready for music you just turn it on and music flows instantly and freely. The Volareo speaker ships with a lifetime of free music, period.

Volareo is awesome for new artists

As new artists take to the Volareo platform, and new listeners enjoy their music, they can “tip” them Musicoin via the Volareo speaker. When the listener hears a song they like they just clap and the musician gets a tip, instantly.  The Blockchain keeps track of your tips, the music you like and ensures that you’re satisfied every time you turn it on.

Volareo is a collaboration between music innovator ROCKI and Musicoin, which is responsible for the cryptocurrency, tipping portion.

The Huffington Post said that what the iPod did for digital music and Sonos did for streaming, Volareo is finally doing for the musician, getting them paid and getting them paid faster. With the Blockchain and cryptocurrency Musicoin, artists get their tip instantly, as soon as the user claps to signal they liked it. As the Volareo ecosystem expands, artists will quickly realize how hassle free getting a Musicoin royalty or payment actually is.

Volareo is playing this right too, Spotify’s first exposure to the US was SXSW. Pandora’s first big event was SXSW, and now Volareo will be at SXSW. Find them at the New Dutch Wave House March 11-14th. You can sign up for updates at

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