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SXSW 2018: This DC Startup Is Enabling People With Smart, Free, Security Information

SXSW Startup Enabld Security Is Enabling (well empowering) People With Important Safety Information

The guys that started Enabld Security, a Washington DC cyber security startup, aren’t your typical security guys. By day, and for many years, they’ve been instrumental in creating “million dollar blinky boxes” that protect the nation’s top companies and even the government from cyber security threats. Now they’re good at what they do, damn good. In fact if you go down the rabbit hole of security conversations with them they could talk for days and you may not understand a word they say. That’s the entire problem they’re helping with their startup Enabld Security.

Enabld Security creates security cheat sheets for every day people. These sheets and their online information site take every day tasks that people do in their normal internet lives and explains security risks to them in plain terms.

At the moment, Enabld Security isn’t about creating a “blinky box” for the home or talking over the every day Americans head. The founders believe that to maintain a secure home and a secure internet life, the place to start is information and education.

Now you have to understand this is a rarity when it comes to cyber security engineers. Typically, but not stereotypically, cyber security engineers have to stay so on the brink of cutting edge threats that they speak almost, an entirely different language.

Prat of creating Enabld Security was that they know that their colleagues talk the same way. Many cyber security engineers, even when helping friends and family, will install a piece of software here, a blinky box there, and not explain the easy things, like don’t use the same password for multiple services, or that if your phone number is in your Facebook profile, any other site that uses Facebook sign in has access to it as well.

Enabld Security is actually a breath of fresh air and a truly valuable service for millions of Americans who know how to use the internet and social media but don’t know how to really protect themselves, with even the basics.

Check out their information and cheat sheets at 

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