Envi, Empowering The Deaf With Their Waterless Car Wash Startup

Los Angeles Startup Envi Wants To Be The World’s Best Carwash and The World’s Biggest Employer Of Deaf People

Envi is a Los Angeles startup that allows local users to book an auto detailing appointment via their app. Well this certainly isn’t new technology, what sets them apart is that their auto-detailing business is waterless. They are also employing mostly deaf people. Their deaf workers are able to view their client appointments, respond to them and book future appointments through the app.

“The deaf workforce we’ve hired so far takes great pride in their work. It’s easy for them to communicate with customers using our mobile app” the company told us at South By Southwest last week.

Envi-1 Envi, Empowering The Deaf With Their Waterless Car Wash Startup

Envi is set up to fix 3 problems; lack of time, lack of water/water pollution, and creating jobs for the deaf and disadvantaged. So far they seem to be accomplishing all their goals.

There is another car washing startup out of Miami called Wash My Whip. That company claims that they don’t use water either, and allows users to book appointments via app.

The challenge for both of these startups is building scale. Should the company try and built out it’s own network of app activated car washes or would franchising make more sense. Envi uses their own proprietary products so it would be easy for them to go with either model.

Check out our interview video above and for more info check out: envi.com