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Fan Hero Delivers Amazing, Proven Solutions For Celebrities And Influencers [sxsw]

New York Startup Fan Hero Is The App Partner Of Choice For Entertainers, Sports Figures, Celebrities and Influencers

Coop says that his company can deliver a better experience for fans than Facebook and give their customers the data they need as well. Fan Hero is an app development team out of New York City with a wealth of experience that’s drawing customers from across the globe. 100s of companies and clients have already turned to Fan Hero including; Hunter Hayes, Warner Music, Disney, and the Academy Of Country Music.

“FanHero is revolutionizing the way its customers communicate with their audiences, by putting the power entirely in their hands. Parameters put in place by third-parties, YouTube or Facebook, for example, are no longer present, as FanHero lets you create a completely bespoke app allowing the customer to share content when and however they wish. This results in a more authentic dialogue with fans.” Coop said on

Fanhero-1 Fan Hero Delivers Amazing, Proven Solutions For Celebrities And Influencers [sxsw]

Fan Hero co-founder Chris “Coop” Cooper talks to us at South By Southwest

Sure there are plenty of app development companies out there. Fan Hero offers experience in the areas that matter most to celebrities and influencers. Coop and his partners come from the entertainment industry where they’ve created apps for some of the biggest superstars in the world.

“I was working with a major studio and entertainment company and realized every time we had a new project we were re-inventing the wheel” Coop told us at South By Southwest. He explained that this process at a time and valuable resources.

At the root of fan based apps, most clients need the same basic functionality, however Fan Hero makes sure that the experience is intimately connected to the client they are working wth. After the app is finished they go above and beyond by providing unparalleled levels of customer service. Celebrities don’t have time to tweak their technology and social integration while touring, rehearsing, performing or playing sports.

“To make sure that the monetization process is as successful as possible, FanHero features a unique service package and offers unparalleled 1-on-1 full support and management in PR, content strategy, and actionable business intelligence. FanHero also puts a personalized growth team at the disposal of the client to ensure that each app is fully maximized for monetization opportunities.” the company said.

“With FanHero, celebs can monetize their fans like never before in a fully controlled environment.” Coop says.

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